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About Us

Botswana SafarisAfrican SafarisThe essence of Nature Guiding Company is its expertise in designing African Safari’s with a difference. From our wealth of knowledge of Botswana Safari Lodges and Botswana wildlife areas, we know what can and can’t be done, and how best to do it. We look for more adventurous or explorative and unique ways of conducting African safaris. Our core focus is offering Private Guided Safaris.

Reservations and Designing an itinerary

Nature Guiding Company is not a Travel Agent.
We make use of agents throughout the world and we recommend ground handlers or operators in the various countries visited. We suggest that you use your trusted agent for the bookings and we simply work hand in hand with them, recommending and designing your itineraries to suite. Or, we can recommend trusted agents for your bookings.

One of our career specialist Nature Guides will lead you for the entire, or just a portion of the journey.
Please see:

We recommend adding the following into your safari, lead by our specialist career guides:

Private vehicle Guided Safaris
From mid range to premier range permanent lodges.


Either short or long, from a lodge base or fly camp, or from lodge to lodge. Or, we can design specific walking trails over 2 to 4 days.

Wild Camping:
Camping with or without dome tents, participatory or fully serviced.

Canoeing or Mekoro (dugout canoe) trails:

Camping fully serviced or participatory, including some walking.

Power boating:
This could also include camping or can be used to replace the air charter flights.

Mobile vehicle safaris