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Private Guided Safaris

Why Choose a Private Guided Safari?

Private Guided SafarisA Private Guided Safari is exclusive, personalized and tailor made to suit the needs and expectations of the group. Private Guided journeys provide the guests far more freedom to explore Africa and experience each area’s uniqueness.

Nature Guiding Company’s Private Guides understand the essence of each area’s uniqueness on a macro and micro level. This focus results in linking one African ecosystem to the other throughout your journey, creating continuity, anticipation, excitement, adventure, tentative personalized service and above all enjoyment.

Private vehicles

If traveling in a small group, other guests from the lodge may join you on activities. Out of empathy you may have to compromise on what you prefer doing, returning earlier in the evening, or to leave later in the morning as per a group decision. We recommend booking a private vehicle for any group smaller than 5 guests.

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